The >B< MaxiPro system is an innovative press system for the refrigeration industry. Refrigeration systems and heat pumps can be installed quickly, safely and inexpensively instead of connecting the copper pipes by brazing. Without the use of an open flame or the consideration of other precautions. In addition, the 3-point compression of the fitting ensures a secure and permanently tight connection to the pipe.

Избран вариант:Пресови челюсти Compact Conex Bänninger >B< MaxiPro,1/4-5/8"
Артикулен номер:1000003580
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  • Flame free connection: No more working with open flame necessary Secure sealing: Reliable and durable connection through 3-point compression Fast, simple and cost-effective installation

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      Пресови челюсти Compact Conex Bänninger >B< MaxiPro,1/4-5/8"


      Пресова челюст Compact MaxiPro 1/4"


      Пресова челюст Compact MaxiPro 3/8"


      Пресова челюст Compact MaxiPro 1/2"